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Puppy Care


Hypoglycemia is a common problem with small breeds and can happen during times of stress, cold temps, excessive play, or any feeding changes. Dizziness, fatigue,  or slumber can all be early signs. ** Again Nutrical is a must have!!- little thimble size snacks are recommended 3-4 times daily. Also plain yogurt or honey nut cheerios can be a good nutritional snack. **Always consult with your breeder and vet if hypoglycemia is suspected even if it subsides. HYPOGLYCEMIA CAN BE FATAL! 

   A "health guarantee" is provided, please review before purchase. Hypoglycemia is a common occurrence in small breeds, it is not an illness and is therefore not covered. 

  Your baby will come home with a puppy care package including transition food, comfort blanket, bowl, honey nut cheerios for snacks and favorite toy. Your handouts will include puppy registration paper, shot record, health contract, vet check, and feeding schedule. Please continue with current feeding schedule for one week. Food changes be made after that if necessary by rations of half and half over a 3 day period. ( Diamond Naturals small breed puppy will be sent home, sometimes additional foods will be added as each litter is different) Always observe how much your baby is actually eating. Any appetite or stool changes needs to be addressed by your vet immediately and breeder notified. **There are several environmental pathogens that can be picked up and not always detected by fecal exams rite away.**


All puppies will need a tube of nutrical on hand. (There are several brands available) Providing thimble size snacks several times daily will help prevent hypoglycemia. 



Please provide your baby with an area designated especially for him or her where they can rest and have time to adjust and unwind. It needs to be in a warm, well ventilated area of your home where he/she will be monitored regularly. This will also provide an area for safe play where they cannot be accidentally stepped on and make potty training easier. We do not suggest free roaming in your home. I personally use the iris four panel play pen (pictured on this page) but there are several nice options these days. Please choose one that best suits your needs. If we can help you in any other way or if you have any questions at all, always feel free to give us a call 580-306-7274. **Please review our health contract, sizing chart, environmental pathogens, and hypoglycemia pages under this tab also.**
    We are excited to be adding dna health testing this year, 2023. This will be a timely process but we hope to be completed by 2024. We will be completing the test/screenings suggested by the parent clubs.
 **We will not test for breed purity percentages!!  These test are not reliable and have disclaimers stating such. 

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