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Environmental pathogens

and preventative care

Your puppy's veterinary care is very important to us. We strive to give every puppy a healthy, happy beginning. There are several pathogens and diseases that your puppy can pick up in the environment.  We will discuss some of them briefly and the preventative treatments your puppy has received in our care. 
  Each puppy will receive a neoparr vaccine and a 5 way before leaving our care. This will help protect them from the deadly virus parvo, in addition to some other vaccine preventable diseases.  Parvo is highly contagious and can be picked up in public areas such as pet stores, dog parks, rest areas, boarding/grooming facilities, and can also come from unsuspecting places like your own yard!!
Puppies are not 100% protected against vaccine preventable diseases until they have received their last booster. Please discuss with your vet when it is safe for your puppy to have outside contact. 
   Environmental pathogens can be carried in on furr and feet in the form of cyts, eggs, and spores. Worms, coccidia, and giarrdia are all found in the environment here in the south and can all be transmitted this way. Routine fecal exams are performed before leaving and it is important that they continue to be performed at all future check ups. Some of these pathogens can be undetected or be un-present until times of stress like rehoming, receiving vaccinations, surgeries, hypoglycemic episodes and over heating. It is important that you monitor your puppy's stool and report any changes to your veterinarian. Please research and select a veterinarian (with emergency after hour services)  before bringing your baby home. * We do not recommend relying on emergency clinics.* We will provide you with a copy of your puppy's health check and fecal exam with your records. Our tiny babies may come home with prophylactics at our recommendation to be given for the first three days of the transition period. If at any time we feel a puppy is too small or just not a good fit we reserve the right to refuse sale and a full refund will be given. 

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