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Please enjoy our puppy pics....available yorkies and poms are listed below.  We may also have newborns available for deposit.  Our puppies must be a minimum of 8 wks before leaving.  (* a non refundable paypal deposit is required to hold a puppy)

Please call us for availability at 580-306-7274.

*before purchase please review all puppy info on our site

** At this time we are offering a $200 pet only discount,
        some puppies may have larger discount applied**

We do ask that anyone considering future breeding please let us know, so we can help you with puppy selection and pedigree comparison**



ACA Blueberry Merle
Parents 5-7#
charting 5-6#
$2200        **Pet only $2000


ACA merle male pomeranian
parents 4-5#
charting 5#
$1500    **pet only $1300


ACA traditional female
Parents 5-6.5#
charting 4-5#
$2400 *** Pet only $2200


Aca merle male
parents 5-6.5#    charting 6#
$2200       ** pet only $2000


AKC traditional male
parents 4 & 5#
charting 4#
$1800        ***pet only $1600


AKC parti male- 
parents 4.5-8#
charting- 7#
$2000       **pet only $1800


AKC parti male
parents 4.5-8#
charting 5.5-6#
$2000        **pet only $1800

If you don't see what you are looking for please call or text. We do have some younger litters coming up!!!

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